afkware - Working so you don't have to...

What is the AFK clicker program? It's a specially designed software targeted mostly at MMORPG's. It simply makes mouse movements to make the computer think you are still using the computer, hence you are not away from your keyboard. Why is that useful you may ask? Well in online games let's say you take 15 minutes to break you will be deemed AFK in-game and some other person may take your slot on the server, you will be kicked and will have to sign in again. Well, you may say it's not that bad if you have to sign in again right? it most certainly is not, but when World of Warcraft launched its servers were operating at maximum capacity because of the huge influx of players the game received. So when you got logged out because you were away from the keyboard for a few minutes you were placed into a queue where sometimes you'd have to wait for hours. That is why this anti-AFK bot is for, to trick the game into thinking you are actually playing and not idling.
It can also be used as a macro maker, it can mimic repeatable actions like used in crafting or gathering in-game. This is really useful for mundane tasks in games. But it's also very useful for clearing no deposit bonuses from online casinos, that give you free money to use in their games. For example, for slots where you need to click spin constantly or for poker where you need to put pre-configured bets. Configure it, step away from your PC let the program do the work. This is the best auto clicker for OSRS and WoW.

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