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The future of afkware...

This is my first attempt at writing/scripting software of any length. Any further attempts will be determined by the reaction I get from Auto-m8.  So let me share some thoughts I've had about the next potential product from afkware.  Maybe it will motivate you to spread the word about Auto-m8 if you like what the future holds.

First off, I would look at a completely new layout to house all of the new features.  A full screen window that would be resizable and also have an 'anchor' mode to offer a sleek interface once a macro has been set up.  Much like Winamp will shrink its size.


1. Searching specified areas of the computer screen for specific colors or .jpg files, and once found or not found start the next sequence of events.

2. Variable Loops within a single macro.  Grouping several lines within a macro together and specifying how many times to repeat that grouping before continuing with the entire macro list.

3. Being able to automatically identify specific windows and take action upon them being active or inactive.

4. Offering If/Then If/Else type input and statements for your macros allowing the program to wait for a specific event or window to be active or deactivated before continuing.

5. Incorporating an easy to use tool to remap all keyboard keys and mouse function.

These are just a few of the ideas I've had along the way.  As I hear back from users and get input on their ideas for a better product this list will surely grow and change.