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Thanks for checking this page out!  Has Auto-m8 helped you out so much that you are thinking about giving back?  Well to be quite honest, if Auto-m8 has been that big of a help to you, then I've already been thoroughly repaid.  Now, if you are certain you'd like to give, some options are listed below.  But while I've got you, let me say most of all I wrote Auto-m8 to do what it does and to do it at no cost involved to the user.  With that said, I'd love to see some feedback about Auto-m8 more than money, but I do have this funny feeling I might just frame the first dollar/coin I receive for the efforts of Auto-m8.  Thanks for your time.

Chris Timm

P.O. Box 707
Fond du Lac, WI 54936
(Please make checks payable to afkware)